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We are

Professional, diligent and precise in our services.


SAPRA Consulting & Trading (SCT) - located in Münster, GERMANY - is a general consulting and trading company, which is highly active in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemical industries, as well as in power plant, water treatment and steel industries. Besides international trading we offer consultancy services to international companies to enter the global market. Together, we keep a large in-house data, which enables us to quickly source commodities and materials and offer prompt quotations and competitive proposals.

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We continue to be highly efficient, socially responsible, very highly respected and profitable in services to all of our clients around the world.

We develop a corporate culture that is innovative, proactive and progressive where employees are empowered and accountable.

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Idea development Idea development
Development of the feasibility study Development of a feasibility study
Determination of the entry strategy Determination of a entry strategy
Implementation and entry into the market Implementation of market entry
Full support on-site and special services Full spectrum of on-site support services
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We always have an eye to the market and an ear to the customer. Sapra team
Scope of resorces Scope of resorces
Scope of services Scope of services

Vision statement

To be a globally recognized consulting and trading company with an excellence in organizational structure. To expand the winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty – globally. To achieve sustainable growth with trusted global companies.

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our offices

  • Sapra Sustainable Development Inc
  • Petro Sanat Sapra
  • Shanghai Yuxing Energy Technology
  • Elite Engineering Solutions

contact us

SAPRA Consulting & Trading GmbH, Haus Sentmaring 15, 48151 Münster GERMANY

Tel.: +49 251 97565733
E-Mail: info@sapra.eu
Web: www.sapra.eu

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